Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Its my time bebeh

I'm so suprised..when my mentor (the so called) contacted me last 2 days after 3 years of silence
terkejut...the mentor is the lawyer who taught me during my pupillage time.
Dengan garang nya...dengan kerek nya...tapi tak kedekut ilmu..
she taught me a lot..but then she left the firm and join one of the best foreign islamic bank
so, me have to take over the files that she handled..buat keja lawyer yo...duduk pon tempat tempat lawyer yo time chambering..start drafting and doing a lot of corporate files..tak menang tangan its good actually..
bila da takde lawyer, budak comel ni la yg kena buat keja...partner corporate ada 2 and the corporate files memang banyak..sorang partner perangai macam longkang..sorang lagi baik

Actually, she called to introduce me to one of the lawyer cum lecturer cum business woman
this one lady wanted me to join the business or the project that they are doing now..
What kind of business? MLM ke???? *&*^%^%&&&&*
Ok ke kalau join? &^^%$)_$@
No komen....

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